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a 14-day coloring book devotional to help you slow down,
listen to the heart of Jesus,
& walk in step with the Holy Spirit.

about the Book

I discovered a treasure when I learned to slow down and sit in the presence of God. In the resting and waiting, He brought healing and freedom into my life.

On my journey to living life at an Artisan Pace, I fell in love with writing and drawing again. (That’s sort of how this book happened.)

Most of all, God gave me something I can’t keep to myself: a glimpse of how much He loves us. And that has changed everything about my life.

My hope is that, as you read these short devotionals and color these simple drawings, you could hear the Father reminding you of that love as well —the kind of love that changes hearts from the inside out.


Each daily devotional is paired with a floral coloring page to give you a moment to make art and reflect on the words you have read. In the back of the book there are also a few journaling pages to process your thoughts.

About the Author & Illustrator

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Jeana Saeedi a messy, slow-paced gal who is always late for coffee dates.
For fun, she paints, writes, and makes artisan bread.
She grew up in Southern Colorado and now lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her wonderful husband/childhood sweetheart, Nooch.

is available for $11.99 on Amazon
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