The Purpose for
The Slow Artisan

This blog is a resting shore for the weary traveler.
Or rather, the life-preserver that draws in the woman who is tired of swimming upstream.
Who is tired of fighting for control and security.
Who feels like peace eludes her.
Who needs a place to rest her head and her hurried heart.

These words are for my friends who forget who they really are.

This is a place for women to remember their lost identities.
To rediscover what it means to really live a whole life.
To become assured in who Jesus is, how God loves them, and how the Holy Spirit guides.
To find healing, and then find hope in the truth that they have been made for a bespoke purpose.
A place where they can learn the Artisan Pace, the art of waiting, resting, and crafting in every different season.

This blog is a table where I will sit with these people and share my stories as I listen to theirs.
A place where they can taste what it is to have enough.
Here, I will remember that my only job is to make the bread and serve the wine.
How they receive what I offer is up to them, not up to me.

Here, I write to remember who I am, too.
First, a child of the Living God, and a mother to what he births into my life.
Then, I'm a writer.
And that is more than enough for me.